Strike MoMA's poster for 10 Weeks in furtherance of a post-MoMA future

10 Weeks in furtherance
of a post-MoMA future
Every Day
* Art
* Action
* Poetry
* Agitprop
* Research
* Education
* Movement
* Conversation
* Investigation
* Intervention
* Testimony
* Media
* Text
* Fun

This is an initiative by Strike MOMA Working Group of the International Imagination of Anti-National Anti-Imperialist Feelings (IIAAF)

April 9 – June 11, 2021
Post-MoMA thinking, acting, and organizing in reference to, and in alignment with, the Framework and Terms for Struggle at
at the museum * around the city * across the world we invite individuals, collectives, and groups
to participate in striking MoMA
so that something else can emerge,
something under the control of workers, communities, and artists
rather than billionaires.
We encourage autonomous actions and a diversity of aesthetics.
Participation is in any medium.
This is a multi-location engagement
that can take place at the museum, at other relevant sites, and online.
Send documentation to
The website will serve as a repository and living archive
of our art, action, and conversations.
We are making worlds and creating the necessary institutions to sustain us now.

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