A quote from former Weeksville Heritage Center workers

Marabou is at the bottom lower right of a quote from the Humble Hunterflies, a collective of former Weeksville Heritage Center staff, dated 19 April 2021. The quote reads, ““Because we do not support any erasure of cultural workers’ labor, we must start first by giving thanks, by celebrating and amplify the mostly women cultural workers whose labor saved Weeksville Heritage Center day in and day out over the past fifty years and that contributed to the successful 2019 “Save Weeksville” campaign, which was the catalyst to secure its now CIG (Cultural Institutions Group) status. No one person can and should try to take credit for the efforts of a community.

This letter is a call for the respect and acknowledgment of collective work and the organizational structures that support this ideological concept. Deading the great man of history trope, we proclaim: The future will be birthed by way of collective leadership.”

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