A selection of Arawak words incorporated into Caribbean Spanish. Some of the Arawak words have been absorbed into English.

A collage of vinyl words are on a dark sand-colored wall. The Arawak words are bold in various colors like red, blue, light yellow, while the English|Spanish translations are beneath them. From top to bottom the words are as follows (Arawak is first, English second, and Spanish third: Manati: manatee | manati, Totuma: large calabash gourd bowl | recipiente grande hecho del fruto del higuero, Hamaca: hammock | hamaca, Sabana: open grasslands, savannah | sabana, Cocuyo: firefly | luciernaga, Manigua: forest | bosque, Canoa: canoe | canoa, Comejen: termine | comejen; termita, Aji: chile pepper | aji; chile, Macuto: Traditional backpack | mochila tradicional, Barbacoa: grill for cooking meat | parilla para asar carne, Guasabara: conflict; battle; uproar | conflicto; batalla; tumulto, Nasa: fish trap |trampa para pescar, Huracan: hurricane | huracan, Juey: land crab \ cangrejo de tierra

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