From Decolonize This Place

The images says:

So called diversity and inclusion reinforces whiteness by making aesthetic changes…

This is why we act to decenter whiteness.

It’s not about skin color per se, it’s about power. #decolonizethisplace

From Decolonize This Place

Organizing for Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2018

Decolonize This Place, American Indian Community House, Black Youth Project 100, South Asia Solidarity Initiative, Chinatown Art Brigade, Take Back the Bronx, and The People’s Cultural Plan have published a public letter today about the convening at the American Museum of Natural History this upcoming Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Monday, October 8th. ⠀ Organizing for Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2018

Sites of Conscience

Marabou finds inspiration in the work of International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC), an organization that works to remember, bring attention to, and accurately represent periods of civil and human rights violations and struggles for justice. ICSC wants periods of injustice to be well understood so that communities will be inspired to take action to ensure these histories do not repeat themselves. There are over 250 sites in 65 countries ranging from museums to unassuming local community sites. Sites of Conscience