Screenshot of the panel description:

Museums and Labor Unions
Moderator: Celeste DeWald, Executive Director, CAM
Speakers: Jeffrey A. Berman, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP; Tomoko Kuta, Deputy Museum Director, The New Children’s Museum; Jennifer Hunt, Production Coordinator, Exploratorium
Description: Private museums in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, SanDiego, and Los Angeles have experienced a wave of unionization efforts in recent years. What are the factors that are contributing to this movement? How can a union change a museum’s internal dynamics?What are the rights of unions, workers and management? How do the new NLRB rules impact the exercise of these rights? The goal of this educational session is to discuss how unions are reshaping museum labor relations, while recognizing and respecting that one model does not fit all organizations.Understand recent developments in the unionization of museum workforces; Understand how the new NLRB rules impact the unionizing process; Understand various perspectives and roles in a museum with a union.

An overlay of a bunny shaking its head next to an arrow pointing to Seyfarth Shaw.

Overlay white text on pink says, “Seyfarth Shaw is an anti-union law firm that fought against Caesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers movement in the 1970s and more recently represented the Weinstein Company against sexual assault charges.”

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