Marabou Returns

Hello friends, it’s been a minute. Marabou hopes you are doing as well as possible.

Over lockdown, though quiet, Marabou has been keeping track of and thinking about all the rifts and shifts rocking the museum and cultural sector. Since Marabou officially started sharing their thoughts with the world a few years ago, many more people have entered the conversation about the ills of museums and how they perpetuate white supremacy and colonial ideas of knowledge. Marabou thinks this is exciting and is hopeful that we can really shake things up for the better.

Marabou is returning at a measured pace and won’t be rushing, feeding into social media urgency. Some posts may be longer thought pieces, some will amplify the work of others. Marabou is figuring out where their perspective and knowledge are most useful. They will continue to analyze museums and cultural spaces in the pursuit of imagining what new museums and cultural spaces can be, with the goal of translating this visioning to action.

Join Marabou as they continue the journey of exploring, thinking, developing, and building the supportive and generative cultural spaces we want.

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