Even When Closed, Museums Can Provide COVID-19 Support With Supplies

Marabou shares a call to action for NYC museum and cultural workers and inspiration for museum and cultural workers all over: if your institution is closed, get the masks, (medical grade) gloves, and gowns used for conservation, facilities, etc. and donate them to hospitals and healthcare workers. This type of support isn’t just needed in New York City, but in many places as COVID-19 spreads around the world. If your museum isn’t closed yet, but will, make sure someone donates the institutions masks and gloves to a local hospital or healthcare worker/provider.

On Instagram, Museum Worker Happy Hour posted the following,

Museum and cultural workers! Whether you work(ed) in facilities, archives, curatorial, or conservation, does your institution have N-95 masks or surgical masks, gloves, or gowns that could be used in hospitals? @ppe2nyc is an organization that has drop-off AND pick up options that will get this desperately needed equipment to healthcare workers who need it.

Most of us don’t have physical access to our institutions, but contact people at your organization – security staff, directors – who can get that equipment that is just sitting in closed offices and storage spaces to Healthcare Workers who need it!

Go to @ppe2nyc or www.ppetonyc.com to find out more.


PPE 2 NYC is an initiative started by medical students in New York City to get Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) to frontline healthcare workers who need it most.

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