Guggenheim is the 5th US Cultural Institution to Experience Worker Unionizing in 2019

Workers at the Guggenheim have made the move to unionize. According to ArtForum, “Around ninety art handlers, maintenance workers, light installers, and other staffers who are involved with the production of exhibitions” have come together to create a union and join IUOE Local 30 who also represents workers at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Museum and cultural workers are taking action for more transparency in the workplace about wages and fair conditions. From the successful union drives at the New Museum, Tenement Museum, and Frye Museum, to the spreadsheet started by Michelle Millar Fisher and her colleague that now has over 2,000 museum and cultural workers openly sharing their salaries and benefits, museum administrations are going to have to make some changes since the pressure is not only external, but coming from within.

Brooklyn Academy of Museum (BAM) has their union vote on Thurs, June 13, Marabou wishes them luck and looks forward to another successful union drive at the Guggenheim.


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