Week of April 8 Preview: Two Letters and a Realization

This week Marabou is looking at two letters sent to museums and how one museum makes a realization.

Tues, April 9: Over 120 Theorists, Critics, and Scholars signed a letter to the Whitney Museum asking for the removal of board member Warren B. Kanders.

Wed, April 10: Art Institute of Chicago postpones Native American pottery exhibition at the last minute, realizing that the exhibition was missing input from the Native community and was displaying objects stolen from graves.

Thurs, April 11: Latinx Scholars, Curators, and Artists wrote a letter to El Museo del Barrio asking the institution to keep true to its mission.

Have a great week!

Video description: Marabou is about to go out of the shot, but backs up and looks into the camera, then leaves to the right. Pieces of off-white lined stationary are taped up to a light pink wall with hot pink tape. The above schedule is written by hand in teal marker with pink underlining for emphasis. Each day’s content is written on its own page. There are 4 pages total and the camera moves across the pages from left to right.



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