Marabou Makes an Appearance on the American Alliance of Museums Blog

The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) has featured a post about Marabou on its blog. Find out about Marabou’s origins and what goes on behind the scenes through the article:

Meet Marabou! The furry, friendly creature reimagining the museum

Thank you, AAM, for having Marabou as a guest in your digital space!

Have a great week!

Video description: The American Alliance of Museum’s website is open on a laptop screen. The camera pans out showing a headline, “Meet Marabou, the furry, friendly creature reimagining museums.” As the shot becomes wider, it shows an image below the headline of Marabou peeking out from behind a pink wall, and behind them is a yellow wall. The word “Hello!” is written on the yellow wall beneath Marabou. The camera zooms in close to Marabou’s face.

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