Week of March 4 Preview: A Marabou Library

Marabou is beginning to build their library! This week, they will share some articles and resources. Marabou will not provide commentary so you can work with the articles in your own way.

Marabou hopes their reading list will ignite thought, dialogue, and action.

All resources shared this week are free, digital, and downloadable.*

If you have books or articles you think Marabou should read and/or add to their library, Marabou welcomes suggestions 🙂

Video description: The video opens looking at a blank, pink screen. Marabou , wearing glasses, then appears in the middle of the shot. The week’s content preview (copy from above) is presented on multiple slides in sans serif black font on background split into a bright yellow and pastel pink.


*Marabou’s reading list will grow to include printed books not available online, but only in libraries and stores.


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