Week of Feb 4 Preview: Subversion (cont’d) and Constructive Criticism

This week, Marabou is still thinking about subversion and constructive criticism of the museum.

Tues, Feb 5: Interventions in the Whitney Museum’s Galleries

Wed, Feb 6: Michelle Obama’s guiding words for museums as stated during her 2015 opening remarks of the Whitney Museum’s new building.

Thur, Feb 7: Marabou’s full report on the British Museum’s “I Object” exhibition asking “Can you curate dissent??”

As usual, Marabou may share more as the week goes on.

Video description: The video opens with hands holding flash cards. The first card reads “A” then there is a square photo of Marabou, “Preview. That card is then placed in the back of the pack and the following cards outline the week’s scheduled post as written above. The cards are all written in various blue-green markers. The last card is just the same square photo of Marabou. The hands put the cards down on a wooden desk, which has books, a pad of paper, and a glass jar with paintbrushes on it.

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