Week of Jan 28 Preview: Thinking About Subversion at the Museum

Following the weekend organizing around the situation at The Whitney Museum, this week Marabou is thinking about subversion at the museum. What does it look like? What qualifies as a subversive act?

Tues, Jan 29: Marabou asks, is it subversive for museum employees to demand fair working conditions and wages? The New Museum voted to unionize last week.

Wed, Jan 30: When thinking about subversive art that challenges museums and confronts the viewer, Marabou looks to Fred Wilson focusing on ”Guarded View” (1991) and “My Life as a Dog” (1992).

Fri, Feb 1: “I Object,” an exhibition that searches for acts of dissent within the British Museum’s collection.

And maybe some more stuff, but no promises 🙂

Video Description: A white 8.5×12” sheet of paper is taped to darkly stained wainscotted wall. The first sheet reads, “A Marabou Preview Week of Jan 28th” in black sans serif type. The following sheets outline the schedule listed above. The video closes with Marabou wearing a red bandana across their face, emerging from the bottom of the shot. Marabou backs out of the shot to the left.   ⠀⠀

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