Week of Jan 21 Preview: Thinking About a Museum’s Board of Trustees

This week Marabou is thinking about museum bureaucracy, more specifically, a museum’s board of trustees.

Tues, Jan 22: 46% of American museum boards are all white (This stat is from a 2017 American Alliance of Museums (AAM) survey). How can museum boards become more diverse?

Wed, Jan 23: The Sackler Family: Big Donors to Museums and Owners of Purdue Pharma (producer of OxyContin). Marabou explores action taken by photographer Nan Goldin and other artists to remove the Sackler name from museums.

Thus, Jan 24: Continuing action to remove the Whitney Museum’s Vice Chairman. There will be a town hall on Saturday, Jan 26th to discuss how to move forward.

Shoutout to friend Christina Chan for bringing Tuesday and Wednesday’s content to Marabou’s attention!

Video description: The video starts with the shot of a notebook covered in stickers. The book opens and each page is written with colorful markers. The first page announces in pink marker: “A Marabou Preview Week of Jan 21st.” The page is turned and reads in mauve marker: “Marabou is thinking about museum bureaucracy.”  The pages turns to show in orange marker “more specifically” the next page in purple marker: A museum’s board of trustees. The following pages are in different colors of blue and green outlining the schedule listed above. The video ends with the notebook closing. On the book’s back cover is a sticker of Marabou and a mustard-colored Met museum lecturer sticker.

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