Veterans Day 2018

veteransOn this Veteran’s Day, Marabou is taking the time to honor all veterans, but particularly those women and men who bravely served for the United States only to return after a war and not receive a hero’s welcome.

These veterans include:

Black soldiers returning from WWII who did not gain the full benefits of the GI Bill due to racism on the individual and institutional levels.

Filipino soldiers from WWII who were guaranteed full veteran benefits and US citizenship. In 1946 Truman stripped Filipinos of their veteran status. Only 75 years later were Filipino veterans honored and acknowledged by the US government.

Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Queer, and Trans soldiers who have been silenced and shamed from expressing their true selves while in uniform.

All soldiers who return with battle wounds, physical, emotional, and mental, with insufficient resources to help them to wellness. The soldiers and their families navigating PTSD in a country where we are only beginning to acknowledge that those experiencing mental health issues and trauma should not be stigmatized but listened to and supported.

This list is far from complete. Marabou asks you to take a moment to commemorate these men and women.

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